This startup’s got your back, literally

• 22 January 2016

Your back takes it for the team

It seems that we spent almost two-thirds of our time in a bad position for our backs. At work as much as at home, millions of people spend most of their day sitting, leaning, slouching, sprawling, slumping, hunched… and on. No wonder a huge proportion of the world population suffers from back pain, a major cause of absenteeism in the workplace.

Facing this worrying situation, the Lumo start-up decided to tackle your back pain. Their strategy? Encourage people to adopt better short and long term positions. Their idea? Lumo Lift! A small device equipped with sensors that simply cling to your shirt and generates a slight vibration whenever your position should be corrected.

Founded in 2011 by three entrepreneurs from Palo Alto, Lumo Bodytech today excels in the health industry and got their ‘Lift’ to be listed in the top 25 inventions of 2014 by the famous TIME magazine.





Change your posture

Equipped with a system of smart sensors, Lumo detects the bad (and good!) posture of your body. When your position is not optimal, your shoulders sag, your back squirms … you will feel a small vibration to remind you to change position. Simple-Stupid? Hell yes. But how efficient. We quickly made to forget our posture.

And like all new smart gadgets, Lumo Lift connects to smartphones to provide a range of information on posture and physical activity in general.

With its built-in pedometer that calculates the number of calories burned, the dedicated application offers a personal coaching service and sets goals and 2016 resolutions to lean on.

The Lumo video : this way.

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