The new course to follow for all swiss young entrepreneurs

• 18 December 2014

Yes, you, future young entrepreneurs from Switzerland,

If you dream of creating your start-up but you are missing the necessary tools for the progress of your project. EPFL Innovation Park sets up a new training module “Business Concept” SIC-Entrepreneurship for all members of the Swiss-French universities.

The course « Business Concept » SIC – entrepreneurship given as part of the Commission for Technology Innovation start in parallel in Lausanne, Geneva and Neuchâtel in February 2015. The EPFL Innovation Park brought together academic major players throughout Western Switzerland to develop a training program designed and delivered by contractors. These courses focus on practice and experiences in start-ups. A new approach that enables professionals to rally, members of the university and the HES-SO. This alliance aims to strengthen the culture of entrepreneurship and enhance technology transfer.

This training allows Interuniversity meet people profiles, different ages and skills. “It is also an opportunity to expand its networks and career prospects, to learn to transform an innovative idea into a viable business plan, and develop skills to make the transition from academia to that of private economy, “says Lan Zuo Gillet, Program Director. The courses are open to the entire university community and will place in the premises of the College of Management at the EPFL in Lausanne, the Federation of Enterprises Romandes in Geneva and Neuchatel SWISS CREATIVE CENTER.

This is addressed in 40 hours all the important concepts in creating a start-up. The creation of a successful team, product development and services, building customer relationships are some of the points addressed. Other aspects such as financing arrangements, the overview of the start-up ecosystem in Switzerland, as well as knowledge support organizations that exist at local and federal level are also planned.

Paul Edgar Levy 21, he is a student at the University of Lausanne and President of the Student Association Start, which holds an annual entrepreneurship competition among the EPFL and UNIL students. He knows that one day he will create his company: “This is why I want to meet entrepreneurs who have experience in the field, they will prevent me from falling into some traps. The mistakes being are the ones I will not do in real life. ”

To plunge into the atmosphere, before undertaking the February module, a bootcamp will be organized so that participants courses of Lausanne, Geneva and Neuchâtel meet, exchange, defend their ideas and form teams. This first exercise in team building and collective intelligence will define a solid project that will be worn and developed by each team for 40 hours under the supervision of contractors. or

“These young people will move Switzerland!”

Mediacom / EPFL

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