Sweetzerland through the eyes of Martina Bisaz alias Kitkat_ch

• 1 September 2015

Martina and her 165k Insta followers

It’s Wednesday morning and your third coffee cup isn’t doing the trick? Are you still thinking about last weekend’s festivities and the colorful outfits dancing around you at the Street Parade?

Don’t worry though, this week has yet to reveal its load of surprises. Let’s start with a little one: exploring Switzerland and its beauty through the lense of talented photographers.

Whether amateurs or professionals, Rosti features thoses who are able to make us dream without leaving our couch. Cheers to that! Today, we’re meeting with one of the most popular Swiss photographers: the talented miss Martina Bisaz aka @kitkat_ch on Instagram.


Who is Martina?

Originally from the Grisons, Martina was born in Zizers, a small village north of Chur. She grew up in the wild mountains, which became her primary source of inspiration. (duh!)

During her studies, Martina moved to Zurich’s countryside, where she still lives today. After graduating from the University of Zurich with a Bachelor in Scientific Illustration, Martina then started working in the archeology department.

In the recent years however, her life took a new turn occupied by her two passions: classic cars and photography.


So, Martina, where does this deep inspiration come from?

“Photography became one of my great passions a few years ago. Especially through Instagram. It motivated me to go outside and explore my own country by foot or with my beloved classic cars. Which are some of my biggest inspirations.”

“Many of my friends on Instagram inspire me a lot as well. That’s just how it is, you get inspired by what you see and like on Instagram. And thanks to that, my photography has improved a lot since I started.”

Indeed, it’s very likely to spot Martina’s cute old Fiat on her shots, as much as her orange VW van. The lucky pair seem to always find itself lost in the middle of the most gorgeous mountains scenery you can imagine. Take a peek, it’s a guaranteed boost to your morning inspiration!







Want to contact Martina?

You can write to her through email, visit her website or follow her via Instagram or Snapchat: kitkat_ch!

The Rosti Team

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