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• 9 October 2015

Head to the handlebar

If you compare the different ways of getting around a city, cycling is definitely the easiest and most environmental-friendly; it’s also the most convenient when avoiding mad traffic. Cycling between raging cars and honking buses can definitely be an adventure. If you wish to stay in one piece, it’s recommended not only to keep your eyes on the road at all times, but also have both hands sealed to the handlebar.

With that in mind, we still hold up our smartphone in one hand to check Google maps…

But when there’s a problem, there’s a solution. Right? That’s when the Canadian startup comes in as they develop SmartHalo, a navigation system that you attach to the handlebar.

No need to spend thousands of dollars on a new high-tech bike, this smart device is compatible with any bicycle and can give a nice-fresh-look to that dusty bike of yours!


Bicycle intelligence 2.0

With its minimalistic design, SmartHalo resembles a futuristic doorbell. Not your average bike accessory; you fix it permanently to your handlebar and it’s forever connected to your phone. Unlike any other app, once it is set up you don’t need to play around with it; your phone stays in your pocket, your hands keep steering and the magic begins. So, what exactly is SmartHalo? – As mentioned above – It’s a GPS System. You enter your desired destination on your phone; tuck it away and then the device illuminates directions with a halo of colored lights. On top of guiding you thru, the device monitors everything from pace to distance & elevation and even your burnt calories. You can tick ‘personal trainer’ on your checklist!

Hope you’re sitting down right now because it doesn’t stop here, our Canadian founders thought of it all. If you ride at night, there is a front light that will automatically turn on and shine brighter as it gets darker. They also took care of ultra-connected people; as you receive messages and phone calls, a blue light flashes. It gives you weather forecast to dress accordingly and finally, for those of you who loose everything, it will provide you with the bikes’ exact location.


Even Chuck Norris wants one.

SmartHalo has an anti-theft alarm system to scare off the envious. Yes, that’s right, it’s like a Pokémon that only reacts to his owner – doesn’t use facial recognition just yet but phone proximity will do for now. To un-fix the device from the handlebar, you need a special key that even Chuck Norris hasn’t found a way around..

Speaking of the invincible man – SmartHalo was designed to exceed expectations in any situation. It’s resistant to rain, heat, mud and any incidents that one may encounter. SmartHalo rarely sleeps; the battery has autonomy of about three weeks, after which you charge it from a USB cable for few hours. Needless to say, this is bound to go viral.

We call them ‘Startop’, these that upon launch go above and beyond; this one raised $538K, against the $67K initially pledged on their Kickstarter campaign! Good Game. SmartHalo’s won’t be available before May 2016, but that shouldn’t stop you from ordering yours now: by pre-ordering, not only will you have it for $99 instead of $149 at launch, you will also support that brilliant startop with a useful product that engages in the safety of urban cyclists worldwide.


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