This artist loves to draw you naked


• 12 May 2015

What is art? “Art” …

When we talk about it, everyone knows what it is. And yet everyone gives it a different definition. This incredibly open concept reinvents itself constantly, yet it globally refers to objects produced by the activity of painters, sculptors, musicians, dancers, actors, directors, writers, architects, designers, filmmakers, … and many more.

Considering that art is a product, the result of the work of an artist, a work – completed or not – makes the very action of “making art” an art in itself! So, art is also a way of life, a state of mind that conditions us in a very special way in the course of our daily activities. Everyone is an artist, but not everyone chooses to experience art in the same way. Art through the senses, emotions, intuitions, taste, intellect, desires, … and at this level, we are not all equal.

Kim Straehler our Swiss of the day is clearly one of those living art from head to toes all the way to the tip of her paintbrush. Kim has embodied the art to the point to devote it all her time and mind. Let’s zoom in on a girl for whom “art” and “life” are synonymous.


Born a pencil in the hand

For as long as she can remember, Kim has always loved drawing. As child, she would get into trouble at school for sketching up her math books rather than doing her algebra. Fortunately for her precocious talent, her parents decided to address the lack of creative stimulation at school by signing her up for drawing classes. Kim was only 7 years old when she learned all of the drawings techniques, which she mastered better than riding a bike.

Teenager, Kim has other concerns and puts her painting aside. After graduation, she decides to travel to Australia and learn English. Three years later, Kim leaves the mountains and chocolate behind her to settle in Australia and live with her Aussie boyfriend. What better than love and excitement of a new life to stimulate the artist? Pastel, pencil, India ink, acrylic paint, spray paint, resin, … the possibilities are as endless as the ideas.

After four years down under, the couple breaks up, but the desire to create stays strong.

“I was charmed by this different lifestyle, lighter and friendly, where life seems to move in slow motion. The most important will remain the kindness and generosity shown by Australians. I return grown and blossomed in my country. I keep this experience an indelible memory and a new inspiration.”


An independent artist who shuns routine

Kim is now a professional painter and portrait artist! As a freelance artist, she mainly produces portraits and nudes, which are a longtime passion.

“The perplexity and emotion of facial and body expression fascinates me. However, I am open to new challenges and I sometimes escape into the design of a landscape. ”

Living, as a confirmed painter is also a way for Kim to break preconceptions by showing that artists are not as lazy slackers living on the margins of society.

“There is truth and wrong in these statements, but artists are wandering souls, always looking for renewal, fleeing the routine and immobility in all its forms. I hope people’s opinion change and begin to understand a little bit this weird world in which some of us like to escape. ”


Art is art

At the end of the day, whether we judge the artist or not, paintings will be painted, drawings drawn and sculptures carved.

“I would like that art critics stop tying to interpret our work. For me, there is nothing more annoying than wanting at all costs to understand the mind of the creator. Just enjoy what you have before your eyes, in its raw form! Also, visits to museums, exhibitions, openings and others invite to openness and are often a discovery of experiences, even when one is not a fan of art. ”

So all of you art lover – Come and discover Kim Straehler paintings on her website. And if you fall in love with her art; in addition to her work and her exhibitions, Kim makes “customized” pieces according to your desires, techniques and personality.

Feel free to contact her via Facebook or email.

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