Casper: Disturbing The Mattress Industry

• 28 January 2016

Better Sleep for Brighter Days

Lets head to New York and figure out how Casper is killing it.

To put it simply; you go online, choose your size, and the mattress gets delivered to your door in a box 5x smaller than the mattress itself – unusual but so clever – who likes to walk in a store and be greeted by some lousy salesman who’s paid on performance with no concern for your sleep quality?

Casper offers one type of mattress and they spent quit some time figuring out how to make the perfect one. They spent nine months in labs testing different materials and constructed “the perfect mattress for everyone”.




A Good Night’s Sleep

If you haven’t heard of them yet, you live under water. They’ve been featured on Forbes, Inc, Mashable, CNN, Tech Crunch and many more… Now why do we hear so much of them?

Their product is great but that’s not it, they also happen to be marketing Wizards. The secret consists of a very chic and visible Bond street apartment, an outrageous amount of cool ads on the subway and a recognizable striped box. Oh, and smart founders.

Casper is not a mattress company; it’s a lifestyle brand that also happens to sell mattresses.

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