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The site that makes Switzerland move forward

The Rostigraben is an idiomatic expression from the Swiss-German language. It designates the differences in mentality and the somewhat substantial political cleavage between the French-speaking part and the German-speaking part of Switzerland.

Rostigraben.ch is a Swiss media startup specialized in publishing everyday national and international news in German, French, English and Italian that make Switzerland move forward.

This interactive and functional platform is used as a vehicle of information for individuals directly or indirectly related to Switzerland and companies active in various sectors of the Swiss economy such as hospitality, watch industry, micro-technology, sciences, biotechnology, pharma, arts, finance, real estate, media, press, health, education, research, etc.

The idea is to encourage contributors to transmit information that can positively challenge the Swiss economy and the Swiss entrepreneurial world, through sharing life stories, discuss any exciting current topic, express opinions, to talk about oneself, its own projects and businesses, share investment ideas or “Made in Switzerland” innovations.




How was Rostigraben’s concept born?

Rostigraben was created by a group of Swiss entrepreneurs who’ve always followed the social, economic and political news from Switzerland and find that some ideas have a hard time traveling across the different parts of Switzerland, due to the language boundaries. Both are proud and excited about the challenges that Switzerland has to face within this world as well as within its various cultural regions.

They now feel the urge to start dropping this “barrier” and gather around the Swiss original ideas that could be developed in common beyond this famous “Rostigraben” barrier.

Creating Rostigraben is about contributing to moving Switzerland forward, in some way.

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